Cancer-stage browser


Cancer types: Users can select cfDNA epigenome data for an interesting cancer type.

Cancer stages: Four different cancer stages including benign, early, late and metastasis of cfDNA epigenomes.

Detection methods: Users can select an interesting detection method of cfDNA epigenome.

Matched gDNA data: Users can decide whether display the genomic DNA (gDNA) samples from solid tissue with same cancer type of cfDNA samples.

Matched healthy data: Users can decide whether to display cfDNA data from healthy individuals for comparison between disease and health.

Interested gene/region: User can input interested genes (e.g. PTEN) or particular genomic region (e.g. chr10:89596861-89754867), and directly compare epigenetic alterations in/near certain gene or genomic regions by clicking hyperlink in column “UCSC genome browser” of the resulting table or “Send to UCSC genome browser” button in the topleft of resulting table.